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Signs of spring are in the air, the cold has been banished, and the birds and bees are doing - what birds and bees do.

More of the doors and lids - still looking fab

More of the doors and lids - still looking fab

Smoooooth bodywork...

Peter strokes the smoooooth bodywork...

Quarterlights refurbished

Feeling quite pleased about these (above). Though never going to look brand new without rechroming, the seals have all been replaced, the pivots and bolts have all been renewed, and they're ready to be fitted into into the new doors.

You may note that, following my comments in March about the driver's side quarterlight not being correct (and not matching), this photo does not show it. I had to do the work all over again on the second-hand quarterlight assembly that I managed to find (after about 20 phone calls).

The essential difference seems to be that the quarterlights from very early MGBs (of which this is not one) had no vertical post hanging from thefront of the triangle, acting as an extra steady. That's why I replaced it.

The body paint is done and looking good

The body paint is done and looking good.

It's time to start adding parts back onto the car

The Waxoyling is done, and it's time to start adding the removed parts back onto the car....

It's starting to look like a car!

Windscreen, rear lights, side mouldings and a host of other parts now attached.

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