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March was - interesting.

Peter completed spraying etch primer on the body, which now looked smooth and lovely. He then bought some paint, code GN29, which he's used for years and which we knew from his swatches from previous applications that it should have been the same colour as my car's remaining paintwork (engine bay, inside boot and bonnet, for example).

Except I got a call from Peter who was unsure at first if the paint he'd ordered was right - it was 'too rich'. I went up to his workshop and we both agreed that the tin of GN29 was nearer turquoise than British Racing Green. Yuk!

So we went to another trade paint outlet - and their code GN29 was turquoise too. Seems as if the formulation has changed. Peter did explain but I'm still not sure I understand the chemistry of two-pack paint, except that it's a dye combined with a sort of glue.

Long story short, we bought some specially made-up paint that matched his swatches - and here you see the first fruits of his painting work. (Click an image to embiggen).

Swatches confirm the right colour of BRG

Swatches confirm the right colour of BRG

Etch coat on body

The body's first coat of etch primer is on - but there's more rubbing down to be done

Doors, bonnet and bootlid ready for paint

Doors, bonnet and bootlid ready for paint

The lids and doors are hanging up, ready for paint - bit like an installation...?

Doors and bonnnet fully painted

...and now they're all painted, looking good and shiny. Lighting is difficult in this situation but I think the paintwork looks terrific

Driver's side quarterlight

Driver's side quarterlight

Driver's side quarterlight

While Peter was painting, I was pulling the window winding machinery, locks and quarterlight assemblies/window channels out of the old doors. The pivot and mounting bolts were in poor condition, with the driver's side quarterlight showing signs of having been seriously messed about with. It was also from an older model - the early MGBs did not have the bracing post at the front of the quarterlight, making thme more susceptible to moving from side to side.

In the end, I managed to track down a 'new' quarterlight (actually second-hand as new ones are no longer made) for the driver's side from Welsh MG.

I also bought a brand new moulded carpet set and quite a few other bits and bobs ready to be fitted when the time comes...

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