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With the driver's side pretty much done, Peter started work on the other side of the car. On stripping down the passenger side, he found the rust damage almost as bad - which I thought was a little odd when you consider that it's the nearside that's subjected to the highest level of thrown spray. Whatever.

This page shows the progress from stripping down to finishing the passenger side floor, cross-member and sill. But that wasn't the end of the tale - not by a long chalk... (Click an image to embiggen).

Ugly rust behind the B-pillar

Ugly rust behind the B-pillar

Ugly rust in the sill

More rust in the sill - just crumbling away...

Ugly rust in the sill

Cross-member corrosion. Note the factory spot-welds drilled out and the exhaust pipe below, which needed moving out of the way

Stripped down

Passenger's side stripped down

Cross-member repaired

Cross-member repaired

Sill and jacking point replaced

Sill and jacking point replaced.

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