Manek Dubash Associates


An editor with experience of several publications, including:
  • PC Magazine, the UK's first labs-based magazine
  • Techworld - IDG's technology news site for UK IT managers
  • Network Weekly - a leading email newsletter for the IT networking, wireless, telecoms and storage communities
  • PCW
  • Practical Computing

Manek Dubash Associates offers a complete set of editorial services, from writing to editing to proof-reading, across a range of media and formats. 

With nearly 20 years' journalistic experience, you can trust us to make it happen.

What makes us  different?
The job of editor includes commissioning, editing and writing, dealing with design and layout issues, and delivering on time. In terms of personal qualities, the editor needs to be a project manager, a cajoler and, occasionally, a bit of a tyrant. He or she must also be able to spell and to assemble grammatical sentences.

But most importantly, any editor must have a clear idea of the target audience, its requirements and how best to service those requirements within budgetary, chronological and other constraints, depending on the medium.

Manek has shown he has the appropriate qualities and is keen to deploy them.

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