Manek Dubash Associates

Unique selling points

Experienced: Manek has been involved with the IT industry since 1983, almost all of it as a full-time professional. Since he started, his output has been in demand for its accuracy, its style and punchiness. So what you get is clear, targeted communication from a professional who makes it his business to keep on top of all the latest happenings in the IT industry.

Flexible: Whatever you want written, Manek is the writer that you need, from sales and marketing copy to press releases, to white papers and technical documentation. If you need an experienced speaker who is entirely at home on stage, this is the place to be. Or if it's the training you need to pass on his experience directly to others, look no further.

Creative: Researching and then explaining topics to others is the reason he got into journalism in the first place. It's what he enjoys doing and, since he has been doing it professionally for nearly two decades, it's one of the many things he does well.

Client-focused: He understands your business, having been in the results-focused, IT industry for so long -- and, what's more, having been a technology business analyst with Datamonitor, he is able to bring a different range of skills to his portfolio. His job is to keep you, the client happy. 

If you're happy, he's happy.

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