May 2016

With luck, this will be the last page I need to add – well, almost. On 17 May 2016, the MGB was returned to my possession. It had been gone since February 2015 but only since August 2015 had ace restorer Peter Flynn been in possession of it, as another, unnamed but well-known restorer hung onto it for six months, and then wanted to charge me a jaw-dropping price to fix it. An offer I declined. But that’s a story for another day…

The car looks nearly ready, so let’s get on with the story. I now needed to fit new carpets, refit bumpers, grille, seat belts, seats, door cards, refurbish the dashboard and gauges, and fit divers bit of trim – read on for gruesome details.

Meanwhile, here’s the car in transit from Peter Flynn’s workshop back to its home.

Final piece of the jigsaw – the driver’s quarterlight (the proper one – see my comments in March and April)
The car emerges from the workshop, on wheels for the first time in eight months. Ace restorer Peter Flynn watches it go.
Another view – this is more representative of the colour: British Racing Green
Arrived home, time to unload and back in the box you go
Now back home, and on the left, just some of the parts that need refitting…
Last day of May, after a busy Spring Bank Holiday working on the car, saw the grille and rear bumper now fitted, along with sill carpets and a small host of minor bits and pieces.
The main tasks still to be completed included fitting the rest of the carpets (a late decision to fit soundproofing under the carpets delayed this somewhat) and the door trims, which are more complex than you think. In addition, the speedometer still hangs forlornly out of the dashboard, and the front bumper remains to be fitted.

This last item now only awaits overrider seals to be delivered, as good friend Russell Beck has now reshaped the bumper bracket that was stopping my bolting the assembly onto the car. Thank you Russ!