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Manek Dubash is a journalist/analyst of over 20 years standing, so you have a huge range of successful, proven experience to tap into. 

Despite majoring in radio at college, Manek started his journalistic in print, where he attained the coveted post of Editor-in-Chief at PC Magazine UK. 

He has since expanded his range of outlets to include web, audio and video. For example, he was an editor on the successful business technology website Techworld for four years, wrote and delivered a weekly analysis column and podcast for the web publication Network Weekly, which he also published. He has also forged a successful career in video with NetEvents TV where, as Editorial Director, he is responsible for content origination, production and delivery. 

Voiceover work
Manek is now offering voiceovers, where he has been encouraged by a number of experienced producers who have praised his authoritative, British baritone, which has been honed by experience in radio and elsewhere. Check out this sample here.

But there's more to it than just the voice. As a trained professional, Manek understands that tiny alterations in inflection can make the difference between success and failure. He knows how to save time and how to fit a script into the time available without sounding gabbled.

 He knows how to get inside a script and what to bring out and, if necessary, how to improve scripts to make them even more impactful.

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