This blog is about big tin: back office IT infrastructure used by enterprises and telecoms providers to run their businesses.

It covers areas such as networking in all its forms, servers, mobile, operating systems, data centres, virtualisation and more. I started this blog because there’s nothing else quite like it… Or at least there wasn’t when I started it over 10 years ago (this last sentence was added in 2019).

Who am I? I’m a technology journalist and analyst, and have been for over 20 30 years, mostly covering communications issues and technologies. Career highlights include editor-in-chief PC Magazine UK, technology strategist analyst at analyst firm Datamonitor, several years freelancing and a year as editorial director at NetEvents TV producing business-relating video for the web. I also worked as a motoring journalist for about three years, editing the news for PistonHeads, a sports-car enthusiasts’ site.

There’s more about me (including commercial information) here, and my photography lives here. I’m also a beekeeper, a pastime I started in 2015 after thinking about it for some 40 years. One day, I promise myself, I’ll get good at it.

What else? I live in Lewes, a town near Brighton, UK, that has a real sense of itself – I’m not convinced the wiki entry linked above does it justice so maybe I’ll do something about that one day.

I’d be delighted to hear your comments on the blog.

Manek Dubash

PS: Since writing most of the above screed about my work, I realise that I’m devoting more time to activities I enjoy doing but that doesn’t pay and less to stuff that I don’t but does, if you see what I mean. Expect that trend to continue.

Updated June 2019.

Further update: I’ve pretty much liberated myself from the shackles of work, so I’m writing here, for my local beekeepers’ division, and for Sussex Bylines, all for my own satisfaction. That’s it. Carry on….

Updated February 2020.

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